The following steps will be followed generally when you intend to engage GORTER LEGAL:

Step 1

You approach GORTER LEGAL.

Step 2

Marja Gorter and you discuss – entirely noncommittal and free of charge – what you believe would be required in terms of support, when, for what type of activities etc. Subsequently we will discuss how our cooperation shall be organised in a manner which suits your needs and preferences and most efficiently. She will inform herself about your company, business, products or service and activities and the industry in which you are active.

Step 3

The support agreement between us will be further drafted, negotiated and executed.

Step 4

GORTER LEGAL starts working for you. Only as of that moment GORTER LEGAL will start to write time on your file.

Step 5

Together we will evaluate the services we provided, which warrants an optimal cooperation for now and future assignments.

Step 6

Flexibility is applied to our approach and availability at all times.