Privacy statement

On this website, which is owned by Marja Gorter, operating under the trade name of GORTER LEGAL, at the address Saxofoonweg 2, 1312 GC Almere, the Netherlands, the following terms and conditions are applicable to the processing of personal data, which terms and conditions also apply to the provision of our services.


What is meant with personal data?

Personal data are data such as your given name and surname, gender, date of birth, (email)address and/or (mobile)phone number. In the wording below you will read how we handle the processing of personal data and your privacy.


Which personal data do we process?

We process personal data which you have provided to us or have others provide to us, as well as personal data which we derived from other sources, such as social media or websites which are publicly accessible, the national or local trade/commercial register. If you provide us with personal data without having been asked by us to do so, you will automatically permit us to process those data.


For which purposes do we process your personal data?

The personal data obtained in the manner described above may be used by us for the following purposes:

  • providing you with the requested information
  • performing of our services
  • keeping in contact with you
  • acting in accordance with legal obligations


On which legal ground are we allowed to process your personal data?

Any one of the grounds referred to below may be used by us for the processing of your personal data:

  • your consent
  • on the basis of an existing agreement or in the course of negotiations to a potential agreement between us
  • legal obligation
  • in connection with a legitimate interest, except where the processing is unwarranted by reasons of prejudice to your rights


When may we share personal data with third parties?

When that is necessary for the providing of services to you, such as the negotiating with your counterparty or its representative(s), in legal proceedings or the preparation thereof, or in case we engage a third party which situation necessitates that we provide those data, or on the basis of a decision from a court of law/arbitral tribunal or similar decision.


What are your rights?

You may demand from GORTER LEGAL that you may exercise and enforce all rights which you may derive from the applicable legislation, such as access rights, right to rectification, right to erasure of those details. You are also entitled to object against the processing of your data or demand that we restrict the processing thereof. Furthermore you have the right of data portability. Any of those requests may be sent by email to:   Within 4 weeks you will receive our response. In some cases we may be unable to accommodate your request and if so, we will explain to you, the reasons thereof.

In case of any complaints which cannot be solved mutually by us, we refer you to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (NL) (