GORTER LEGAL so far has supported businesses on a range of legal and compliance matters, such as:

  • A start-up active in the field of prevention of medical issues (corporate law, intellectual property, privacy, software contracts, licences and medical law)
  • A large banking-insurance consortium during the expansion of its European activities (engagement letters, M&A documentation)
  • A group of companies active in the field of telecommunication (corporate succession)
  • Advising on matters related to franchise of indoor playgrounds (improved franchise-agreements, solving legal disputes, buy-out, start of new franchise-chain)
  • Advising on the set up of an Advisory Council and related corporate aspects of a young dynamic organisation active in management consultancy
  • Drafting of and implementing a privacy roadmap (a variety of organisations: profit and non-profit, including awareness trainng)
  • Advising of a number of start-ups in the restaurant and in the fashion industries
  • Managing the legal, compliance and financial regulatory aspects in a Dutch payment institution

During the almost 30 years that Marja Gorter has been active in private practice and corporations on legal and compliance matters (also internationally), she built up a vast network of business relationships. Upon request details of those references will be made available.

If you are interested to engage GORTER LEGAL for advice and support and in case you wish to receive references, do let us know and we will be happy to provide you with further details.